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Powering The Grid Edge Economy

In the Grid Edge Economy, products are migrating to platforms that drive services. Nearly all our devices are being connected to collect data. To monetize this new world of interconnectivity, you need a system that can manage the entire process simply and intuitively.

SimpTek provides you with the building blocks for your digitalization journey


The Measure Layer is an open-standards-based energy data aggregation platform that seamlessly acquires and manages energy data.

How you benefit
  • Secure your data using Microsoft’s enterprise cloud platform
  • Save time through automated energy bill collection
  • Increased visibility using real-time meter integration

The Grid Edge Economy demands solutions that seamlessly collect, compile, and manage large data sets. SimpTek and Microsoft have partnered on a hyper-scale energy analytics platform that employs market-leading security operations and the largest global data center footprint. Leveraging this technology, we help you collect and process data from 3rd party billing platforms, building management systems, and dozens of real-time meters. We also provide access from anywhere through our custom APIs.


The Analyze Layer provides time-saving tools that enable energy management professionals to easily find and track money-saving projects with greater ease.

How you benefit
  • Organize your energy data in a single platform
  • Quickly identify energy savings opportunities
  • Provide custom reporting and management to internal and external customers

SimpTek leverages the latest research in machine learning and pattern recognition. We provide insights that traditionally used time-intensive, manual data collection and dedicated engineering resources to accomplish. By automating traditional methods, we are able to significantly improve the delivery of energy management — enabling better program design, more efficient program targeting, and more affordable delivery on a mass scale.


The Act Layer is a suite of customer engagement tools that enable Energy Management as a Service.

How you benefit
  • Increased program participation rates through enhanced lead generation
  • Enhanced delivery and conversion rates through automated insights
  • Provide an enhanced digital experience for your customers

Our goal is to drive action-based systems. The Grid Edge Economy demands that you and your customers have access to clear recommendations with easy to understand outcomes. We leverage state of the art methods to provide you with a compelling call-to-action for your customers.

This is where we begin your SimpTek journey

Through our experience of working closely with our customers, we have streamlined the benefits of our solution in order to help you make the correct decision for your organization. These six areas serve as the foundation for building a successful business in any industry.

Cost Savings
Our solution helps identify key data and metrics that drive efficiency in making decisions for your business

Revenue Growth
Our solution uses your existing data to drive your company’s strategic growth objectives

Our solution protects your customer data, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements of your jurisdiction

Secure Data Sharing
Our solution allows you to use and share data with partners via a platform that protects your data; ensuring accurate, and timely actions

Open Access
Our platform is based on open standards and is designed to be securely integrated with 3rd party systems.

Our solution is easily expandable and tailored to your business processes that evolve with changing operational requirements