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Powering the
Grid Edge Economy

At SimpTek, our software platform delivers a customer-centric energy experience; steering you and your customers towards robust economic growth and long-term success in the Grid Edge Economy

SimpTek delivers a platform for enhanced data access that lets you better understand your customers and deliver a compelling digital experience

Consumers’ thoughts about energy are evolving.
People need tangible benefits more than products. They desire services that provide more choice and enhanced control. Traditional business models are shifting, and you need a new way to stay better connected.

The SimpTek platform helps you access, store, and manage your energy data to enable smart decisions quickly

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The SimpTek platform provides the benefit of targeted solutions; creating predictable offers and better implementation of money-saving projects

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The SimpTek platform provides a better customer experience by enabling deliverable, predictable benefits to your customers faster than current methodologies

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SimpTek Helps You Unlock the Grid Edge Economy

Customers are demanding a different kind of relationship; SimpTek helps you deliver what they are looking for.

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What Our Clients Say



SimpTek transforms your legacy business into a customer-centric organization that innovates at the pace of market demands.

Energy Service Providers

SimpTek delivers access to energy data and the tools needed to design and deliver programs that support your customers at every step of the way.


SimpTek helps you understand the impact of innovation on the services you provide to clients.

Property Managers

SimpTek delivers insights into the options available for continuous improvement in your asset management strategy


SimpTek provides real-time data and tools for making informed energy decisions that reduce operating cost & GHG emission

How the Grid Edge Economy is changing the energy industry

How the Grid Edge Economy is changing the energy industry

At SimpTek, we have developed a platform and suite of services to transform your business to meet the challenges of the new Grid Edge Economy. As the amount of data grows exponentially, a more robust approach to data management and analytics is critical for decision making. Understanding customer expectations ensures a customer-centric approach to program design and delivery.

SimpTek is committed to a single core idea: to radically simplify the approach to saving energy. This is accomplished by leveraging existing data and optimizing energy retrofit programs to accelerate cost savings and GHG reductions.


How the Grid Edge Economy is changing the energy industry

SimpTek’s approach uses leading-edge Data Analytics and secure BlockChainn technology to automate and virtualize workflows while leveraging the expertise and assets of our partners. The result is our GridEdge360 platform; delivering exceptional value that flows throughout the entire energy supply chain.